Those who have been glasses or contact lenses wearer for years are more likely to diligently make it a point to have their annual Ormond Beach eye exam performed. It is the individuals who have no underlying eye symptoms and what they consider perfect vision that skip out on this crucial checkup of one of our most valuable organs. Maybe you were told during a standard health checkup that you had perfect vision, or maybe you aren’t aware of eye issues that can be detected early thanks to an Ormond Beach annual eye exam. Let’s take a moment to understand what an Ormond Beach eye exam at Eye Design can do for you.

Everything Changes, and Your Vision is No Exception

The only thing that is constant is change – and just like all of our organs, our eyes change as we get older. Most people don’t think twice about having a yearly dental exam performed, and an Ormond Beach annual eye exam should be held in the same regard. The older an individual gets, the more prone they are to developing serious eye issues and diseases. When you have an Ormond Beach annual eye exam performed at Eye Design, our doctors can examine your eyes to determine if any conditions exist, or if it would be beneficial for you to seek corrective vision measures.

Early Detection of Potentially Serious Health Issues

Eye issues and diseases can be silent attackers, and often when their symptoms become present it is too late to completely eliminate the problem. When you come to Eye Design for your Ormond Beach annual eye exam, your doctor will examine your eyes and determine if any symptoms of eye diseases are present, but the exam also allows your doctor to see far beyond these. Did you know that during your Ormond Beach annual eye exam your doctor can detect signs of hypertension, cancer, diabetes and high cholesterol, among a plethora of other health issues? You may be surprised that your eyes can tell so much about your health, but they can!

Children’s Vision Progression Should be Monitored

An annual vision exam is often a standard procedure at the beginning of each school year, and is typically performed by the health professionals within the school district. While this is a great way to see if your child is struggling to see, it is not as in-depth as an Ormond Beach annual eye exam for your child at Eye Design. When your child comes in for an Ormond Beach annual eye exam, we will dilate their pupils to thoroughly examine their eyes in addition to performing a vision test. Did you know that most insurance will cover an Ormond Beach annual eye exam for you and your child? If your child is having a hard time with their vision, schedule an Ormond Beach annual eye exam for you and your child at Eye Design today!

If You Can’t See Properly, You are Endangering Yourself and Those Around You

Vision impairment should not be taken lightly, and if you can’t see as well as you once could, it’s time to get to Eye Design for an Ormond Beach annual eye exam. When your vision is impaired, driving your car puts not only yourself in danger, but also the unsuspecting drivers on the road. Your Ormond Beach eye exam may reveal that your need corrective lenses for night time driving as well, and if you are a candidate for this type of eyeglasses, you will be amazed at how much clearer your vision is while driving at night!

Now that you know the importance of an Ormond Beach annual eye exam, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule your Ormond Beach annual eye exam, and together we will make sure you and your eyes stay healthy!