Anyone who is in front of a screen for extended periods of time is at risk for digital eye strain. When looking at a screen, the eyes are constantly having to refocus and reposition in order to see graphics and text. This puts a lot of strain on your eyes daily.

Causes and factors

Blinking will replenish your eye moisture, however, we blink half as much when we are staring at a screen. Therefore, your eyes get dried out more quickly. Another factor is the pixilation. Most graphics are distorted when enlarged so when your eye is constantly refocusing due to the various sizes of graphics your eyes get overworked.

How to prevent eye strain

Many people experience dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches after looking at a screen for a long time. Eye strain can be prevented if you drink plenty of fluids, take frequent breaks from your computer and eating a diet full of eye healthy foods. Good posture while sitting at your computer can also help with eye strain. See your local eye doctor if you continue to have eye problems or if you think you may be suffering from digital eye strain.