United Healthcare Vision states that “80% of what children learn in school is visual”. With so much strain on their eyes, it’s highly important that you take your child to get a comprehensive eye exam annually. Many people put off taking their children in for an annual eye exam because they don’t think they have any eye issues. Here are some things to watch for in your children if they have vision problems:

Do you know what to look for?

Routine eye exams can help detect not only vision problems in your child but other health issues such as diabetes, lazy eye (amblyopia), or crossed eyes (strabismus). Some of the things to look for are headaches, rubbing eyes, closing eyes often when reading, or squinting when reading or watching television.

Certain medications can affect eyesight

Be sure to let your eye doctor know your child’s medical history. Certain medications can affect a child’s eye sight. Allergies or past medical complications can also cause some eye-related issues. Your local eye doctor can alleviate any concerns with a comprehensive eye exam. August is National Eye Exam month and with school starting back it’s a great time to get your child’s eyes checked!