What are Free-form lenses?

Free-form lenses are digitally manufactured lenses that are customized to fit your exact prescription. These newest types of lenses can reduce nighttime glare, sharpen your vision and make colors more intense. They are most beneficial to those with complex prescriptions.

What makes them different?

The design also processes complex convex curves onto the back surface of the lens, resulting in lenses that are up to 25% flatter in profile. Lenses designed with digital free-form technology are effectively “optimized” because they can be precisely generated to a power of 0.01D. They can also be designed specifically for the prescription and individual viewing habits of the user.

Are digital lenses beneficial?

People who have switched from traditional lenses to digital lenses have compared the difference to a tube television vs. a new high-definition television. Some of the benefits are sharper image quality, better peripheral vision, and improvement to your ability to distinguish subtle differences in light and darkness. Call your optometrist today for a comprehensive eye exam and get your digital lenses!