Here we are at the beginning of the year and most people are focused on their health. But how focused are you on your eye health? Are you doing all you can for healthy vision? Here are some ways you can keep your eyes healthy.

Get regular eye exams

Most people only get eye exams when they have a vision problem. But regular comprehensive eye exams can reveal much more about your overall health. Many health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be detected early through your regular eye exams.

Protect your eyes

This includes wearing safety glasses when using power tools or doing lawn care. Even keeping your hands clean when you remove your contacts is a way of protecting your eyes. Wearing sunglasses outside can protect your eyes from UV rays. Also, giving your eyes a break when looking at the computer for prolonged periods of time. 

Eating fruits and vegetables

Healthy eating not only keeps your eyes healthy but benefits your overall health. Many vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy vision can be gained through fruits and vegetables. Eating colorful foods will give you the best opportunity for eye health nutrients. 

So there are many ways we can take better care of our eyes. Eye health should be part of your New Year goals. Call your local Ormond Beach optometrist today!