Digital lenses are not manufactured the same as regular lenses; laser technology is used for precision. This creates lenses that are almost six times more clear than regular lenses. Digital lenses provide better night vision and peripheral vision.

Custom designed for each patient

Digital lenses can also be custom made to fit the unique vision of each patient. Measurements are not only taken of the patient’s vision needs but also of their face, eye separation and nose. This provides a custom fit that gives the patient the most comfort. The patient’s eyes are digitally scanned with high-tech equipment to guarantee a precise prescription. 

Digital protection

Digital lenses can be helpful for both single prescription patients and those who have multiple prescriptions. Custom lenses can be created to help patients see up close, far away and anything in between. Digital lenses can also be designed to help with UV protection and blue-light protection from computer screens. 

Prescription lenses provide visual information to your brain, through your ability to see clearly and comfortably. Properly chosen prescription lenses also protect the inner systems of your eye from damaging UV radiation. Visit your local Ormond Beach optometrist and optical boutique and ask about their digital lenses today! Read more about our digital lenses technology here.