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Vitamins that are good for your vision

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Vitamin A and Beta-carotene We’ve all heard that carrots are good for your eyes. That’s because they’re loaded with Beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that turns into Vitamin A in our bodies. But what are the other foods that are good for your vision health? Spinach, apricots, onions, broccoli and grapefruit are good sources of

How often should you go to the eye doctor?

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Eye exams good for your health? Optometrists say that our eyes are “the window to our soul”. That’s because an annual eye exam can show overall health problems. During a comprehensive eye exam your optometrist will be able to evaluate the health of your blood vessels and any underlying health issues. Diabetes and high cholesterol

Myopia symptoms in kids

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  Do you know how to recognize Myopia symptoms in kids?   Myopia is a widespread vision problem and is becoming more common in children. It’s more commonly known as “near-sightedness”, when objects appear clearer up close.   Research studies suggest that too much “screen time” contributes to the increased number of children struggling with