How Exercise is Beneficial for Eye Health

Exercising for good health is a top priority for many people. We exercise to build strength, stay fit, and feel good. Staying active is crucial to overall health, including lowering our risk of chronic health problems like type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, and high blood pressure, but did you know that exercise can specifically

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Best Foods for Ocular Health

Are you wondering which vitamins, minerals, and supplements you should take to promote the long-term health of your eyes? Do you have a family member with an eye disease and want to reduce your risk of developing it, too?  Are you interested in eating whole and healthy?  Or maybe, you just like food. (Who doesn't?)  Well,

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How to Insert and Remove Your Contact Lenses

Whether you are brand new to contact lenses, or have been wearing them for years, here's an overview of how to properly insert, remove, and clean your contact lenses.  1.  Inserting Your Contact Lenses Always wash and dry your hands with a lint-free cloth before handling your contact lenses. Handle your right eye contact lens first so

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Protect Your Most Cherished Sense-Sight!

For most of us, the eyes are the most cherished of our senses. Yet we potentially expose them to danger simply by going outside. Over time, the sun’s rays can seriously damage the eyes and surrounding skin, sometimes leading to vision loss and conditions from cataracts and macular degeneration to eye and eyelid cancers.

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What Causes Digital Related Eye Strain?

Staring at your computer screen, smartphone or other digital devices for long periods won’t cause permanent eye damage, but your eyes may feel dry and tired. You may develop blurry vision, fatigue or eye strain. Some people also experience headaches or motion sickness when viewing 3-D, which may indicate that the viewer has a

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How Progressive Lenses Work

Presbyopia, or farsightedness caused by reduced elasticity of the eye’s lens, affects nearly everyone older than 50. About 42 percent of Americans who are in their prime are nearsighted. For them, a simple pair of reading glasses can’t solve the problem of presbyopia, and that’s where bifocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses come in. Options

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What Is Anti-Reflective Coating? Do I Really Need It?

It’s a problem only those who wear glasses understand. You’re trying to take a selfie, but every time it seems like there’s a large glare where your eyes should be in the photo. That’s likely caused by the lack of an Anti-Reflective (AR) coating on your lenses. While it might make it tough to

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